Day 845: Main Sequence

Posted: 2013/03/04 in Indie Games

Like “Fishing Frenzy” reimagined on a galactic scale, “Main Sequence” takes the “eat smaller things, avoid bigger things” gameplay of “Fishing Frenzy” and “Katamari” and amps it up with gravity, and the need to expel mass (making you smaller) just to propel yourself in a given direction. That adds an element of tactics distinctly missing from other takes on this type of gameplay (how much can you afford to expel to get where you need to go, and what path might require you to expel less to get there), and the ability to zoom out to (sometimes) massive maps and dealing with gravitational effects lends a strategic element that works well. For fans of “Fl0w” and similar, there’s also something soothing about riding gravitational forces and experiencing the vagaries of the universe. The game has instructions, and failures trigger the game to teach you things as you play to boot, and is a nifty experiment for 80 Microsoft Points.

Here’s what the developer (FremontFidelity) has to say about the game:

“Main Sequence: A Game of Beautiful Disasters. You’re just a little rock with dreams of becoming a big star. Absorb smaller masses, avoid larger ones, ride the gravity waves, and try not to destroy the solar system.”


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