Day 846: The Return of CyberBox

Posted: 2013/03/05 in Indie Games

Here’s a game that offers a twist on a classic genre that may well have been done before but, if it has, managed to escape my notice. “The Return of CyberBox” mixes up the box-pushing-puzzler by putting arrows on the boxes that show the only directions they can be pushed. No more is it simply a matter of getting yourself into the right place to push the boxes around, you now have to consider what directions they can go. It’s a simple enough wrinkle, but one that works well. The graphics look a bit like the game was a classic vector-based arcade game for a nostalgia boost, too. 80 Microsoft Points and worth a download.

Here’s what the developer (“Barker Games”) has to say about the game:

“This puzzle game will test your planning and visualization abilities. You must get to the exit to pass each level, pushing boxes out of your way as you go. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. There are diamonds that must be collected, paths that must be opened, and obstacles that must be overcome. The strategy and foresight required to master each of the 100+ levels will keep you coming back.”


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