Day 848: Vocabulary Builder

Posted: 2013/03/07 in Indie Games

screen1Every once in a while I delve into the non-game side of the Xbox Live Indie Games catalogue. “Utopioneer Games”, best known for their “Hack This Game” series (as well as “Code Breaker”), is also the developer of “Spanish 101” and “German 101”, which I have previously reviewed.

“Vocabulary Builder” is based off of those foreign language efforts, but focuses on English vocabulary building. It tracks your progress day by day, and is customisable for difficulty level. Potentially useful both for younger students, as well as for people learning English as a second language, or even just for those who have a great command of English but want to ramp up the difficulty level and improve it further, this has the advantage (that a language learning book or CD set doesn’t) that it tracks your progress. Worth 80 Microsoft Points if you think you can get some use out of it.

Here’s what the developer (“Utopioneer Games”) has to say about the game:

“Vocabulary builder features include: -Includes 1000 words -Learn words in an easy to use flashcard format -Select the word pool size to make game easier or harder -Word pools designed to take out words you always get right, and reintroduce words that you still need practice on -Mark words you want to include or exclude in your learning -Progress is tracked each day to show your improvement”

  1. Gabirealla says:

    Vocabulary builder is is interesting project. I have some tips to learn vocabulary better. My favorite app is Superflashcard. It would be very nice of you if you could try and write a review about it. I’m sure it’s a very interesting and effective studying tool, at least for me.

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