Day 854: Ball Track Builder

Posted: 2013/03/13 in Indie Games

One part racing game, one part Rube Goldberg simulator, “Ball Track Builder” has you adding to crazy courses as a ball hurtles down it to try and help a ball get to the end of each level (smacking a burning barrel for good measure).

How is no one talking about this game? It’s got Sonic-like speed, a puzzle theme has you trying to suss out different ways to get the ball to the end (and the possibility of finding better ways with subsequent playthroughs for replay value, on top of its five game modes and fourty-five levels, that is), and the visuals look pretty darn good. Really, really worth a download.

Here’s what the developer (Coimbra79) has to say about the game:

“Build a track in realtime and let the ball hits the barrel. 45 levels 5 game mode A vey new game type 80G”


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