Day 857: After Dusk

Posted: 2013/03/16 in Indie Games

Here’s another moldy-oldie of the indie game’s catalogue that I’ve somehow only just discovered. “After Dusk” is an atmospheric 2D side-scrolling platformer with a survival horror theme. Gameplay has a few things that I really like, but the one that really stands out for me is a fog-of-war (sort of) mechanic. Why sort of? Because as you explore the space station, danger around every corner, you’re having to contend with a lot of darkness. You can find and activate generators that shed a little light on things, so the challenge is in figuring out how to illuminate the area of the station that you’re in, and ultimately find the exit to the next section.

There are things to find that enhance your equipment, or give your character additional abilities, that open up new areas if you backtrack. The Metroid fans in the audience will presumably approve. Be prepared for this non-linear gameplay to get you lost every once in a while, so pay attention or make notes if you start having problems.

You explore, you shoot, things jump out at you from the darkness, and the low-res/retro graphics actually enhance it. The less you see in horror the scarier it is, after all. 80 Microsoft Points for a really great effort (with really generic box art on

Here’s what the developer (“Rickettz Studios” according to the trailer, “Angel of Osmond” according to the Dashboard) has to say about the game:

“Long range communications aboard the ‘Century Research Station’ have abruptly stopped shortly after a distress signal was sent out. With military forces spread far and few in-between, a freelance vessel has been contracted to investigate and report on the problem. Little do the intrepid travelers know, something dire lurks in the dark of Century Station…”


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