Day 858: Zombies ruined my day

Posted: 2013/03/17 in Indie Games

In the early days of WMD, I refused to review any game with avatars and/or zombies in them. My purpose in starting the stie was to show that not only were there piles of good games on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel, that few of them were of the zombie/avatar/massage simulator type. That means there are a few good games I skipped along the way that I might have otherwise considered for review. “Zombies ruined my day” is such a game.

It’s filled with visceral pleasures where you throw major weapons at hordes of zombies. It’s a 2D side-scrolling combat game, but one that rewards forethought with regard to what weapons you choose and where you position yourself in the level. If you just charge in you’ll likely get overwhelmed (especially on the higher levels).

For only 80 Microsoft Points, with an attractively cartoony feel, and a game that has real humour and character, it’s easy to recommend.

Here’s what the developer (mancebo) has to say about the game:

“This is the story of how the best day of your life can become a nightmare full of zombies. Survive in a hostile environment using all sorts of weapons, defend your position with barricades, blow up zombies with grenades, sweep the area away with a Gatling and more! All in a fully action packed game with colorful backgrounds and fearsome monsters. Show us that you’re more than a snack for zombies!”

  1. dlmayday says:

    Oh Zombies ruined my day, where have you been all my life? GREAT GEM FIND! You done it again my friend!

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