Day 862: On A Roll

Posted: 2013/03/21 in Indie Games

Borrowing liberally from late-80s/early-90s speed platformers (ala Sonic the Hedgehog), but not actually cloning any of them, “On A Roll” is another 2009 XBLIG indie game that’s a great buy at 80 Microsoft Points for fans of the genre. The speed is there, as are the loops-de-loops, as are 16 expansive levels with different graphical designs. A speedy and enjoyable effort that’s worth a download.

Here’s what the developer (Battenberg Software) has to say about the game:

“On A Roll is a platform game in which you control a multi-coloured spotted ball with eyes (don’t ask) that has to travel across 16 levels of increasing difficulty over four unique graphical themes. Collect the protective stars and power-ups as you go – you’ll need them if you’re to contend with pits of spikes, enemy striped balls, four end-of-theme bosses, and lots more nasties!”


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