Day 863: Are You Smart Enough?

Posted: 2013/03/22 in Indie Games

OK, not quite as moldy an oldie as some of the 2009 games I’ve recently reviewed, but this does still date back two years. “Are You Smart Enough?” is another in that venerable crate pushing genre that dates back at least as far as “Shove It! The Warehouse Game” (starring “Stevedore”) for the Sega Genesis, as that’s when I became acquainted with it. A quick Bing search suggests it dates back at least to 1982’s “Pengu”.

“Are You Smart Enough?” lends some personality to the genre by inserting avatars into the proceedings, which is kind of fun (I’ve been warming to avatar games lately, as long as adding them fits the game well and isn’t gratuitous). I also like that there are varying skill levels (which, interestingly, changes how many un-do attempts you can make). 32 levels for 80 Microsoft Points also feels about right, and 13 different music tracks increase the odds there’ll be something you won’t hate to listen to. Finally, the game has received post-release support and that’s always nice to see. So go ahead, push some blocks around, and solve some puzzles if you’re so inclined.

Here’s what the developer (Latin Soul Studio) has to say about the game:

“This game will make you think a lot!. Are you smart enough to beat it? ;) Plus 13 cool sound tracks.”


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