Day 864: SFG Office Brawlers

Posted: 2013/03/23 in Indie Games

Is the series that defines fighting games for you “Virtua Fighter” or “Ready 2 Rumble”? Your answer to that will help tell you if you’ll like “SFG Office Brawlers”, as this is one fighting game that borrows more from arcade fighters like Power Stone. And that’s not such a bad thing, so long as you’re part of its target market.

The game has tonnes of personality. It uses your avatar, which helps to start with, but the game runs with it. There’s a big business theme to it, with venues that invoke office tower elements. Each fight is introduced by emails between the combatants. Detritus of office life become weapons in hand to hand combat. The theme is taken all the way and used consistently to good effect.

While the game is undeniably a simplistic fighting game at its heart, it isn’t devoid of nods to more complicated games from the genre. For one, the game has nearly a dozen fighting styles, and beating an opponent unlocks their fighting style.

For 80 Microsoft Points, with a story mode that has tonnes of personality, and online play, this is a great little package that doesn’t cost a whole lot for what it offers.

Here’s what the developer (Stir Fry Games) has to say about the game:



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