Day 866: Avatar Karting

Posted: 2013/03/25 in Indie Games

The developer of “Racedrome Offroad”, “Concept Car Series 2010”, and “Racedrome City” has a few other racing games up its sleeve. One of them is “Avatar Karting”, and it’s a different take on karting.

Less Mario Kart, and more the kart mode we’ve seen in sims like Gran Turismo in the past, the game impressed me for the fact that the physics are good, and that the handling changes depending on the terrain (asphalt, grass, dirt, etc.). There is a nitro boost, but there are no power-ups here. Getting to drive as your avatar works well too. With online play, splitscreen multiplayer, system link play, 16 tracks to race, leaderboards, a time trial mode, a grand prix, and AI that’s actually really good in the solo play, it’s well worth 80 Microsoft Points.

Here’s what the developer (Juan Alberto Munoz) has to say about the game:

“Go karting with your avatar! Put the pedal to the metal and drift your way to the checkered flag on 16 twisty circuits. Challenging AI, online multiplayer, global rankings, Turbo Boost, rewind function, and more, from the creator of Avatar Racedrome.”


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