Day 868: Blowball’s Adventures

Posted: 2013/03/27 in Indie Games

Forgoing “edutainment”, “Blowball’s Adventures” is a kids shoot-’em-up. You heard that right. Not a learning game, not a colour matching game, but a kids shmup.

I like to review kids games every once in a while to remind people that the Xbox Live Indie Games catalogue has tremendous variety.

This game is imaginative, and while the production values are pretty basic there are a few nice touches such as a pretty impressive sun effect. If you want your child playing something other than Reader Rabbit on the one hand, but don’t want them jumping right into Halo or Call of Duty on the other hand, something like “Blowball’s Adventures” could be perfect.

Here’s what the developer (Serious Monkey Games) has to say about the game:

“Help Blowball to save the world by stopping the evil rose and its allies in this funny Shoot ‘Em Up for kids and adults. Enjoy four different levels, tricky enemies, unique art style and impulsive music!”


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