Day 871: Space Egypt

Posted: 2013/03/30 in Indie Games

We Love Hamsters Software, “which previously brought us a bunch of games I’ve reviewed”, seems to remember the Intellivision as fondly as I do. It was a system well ahead of its time, as the first system to give players a bunch of buttons, the first system to deliver a so-called “god game” in “Utopia”, and much more. “Space Egypt” is a bit like a remake of an Intellivision game that was never made.

The story is suitably cheesy, with Nasa finding ancient buildings on Mars and sending a mars rover to raid them for treasures to help fatten up its budget. The game actually plays pretty well, with you finding keys and trying to make your way to the exit, but the real fun is in the retro Intellivision feel (right down to the box art and the font for the on-screen scores). It’s a curious walk through a game that never was, but that I would have enjoyed if it had been made. And hey, it’s my blog and I’ll review “Space Egypt” if I want to. :P

Here’s what the developer (We Love Hamsters Software) has to say about the game:

“Return to Mars in command of the Curiosity Rover II in a mission to save NASA. Raid the ancient Martian pyramids to gain treasure to shore up the space program’s budget in this classic arcade style game. Features high score saving.”


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