Day 872: Cool Shapes

Posted: 2013/03/31 in Indie Games

I remember playing a puzzle game as a kid where I had to move shapes around until I could make them into a square. It was a very simplified version of the “Golden Tangram”. This was not a video game, it was one of those weird old school things where you actually moved physical blocks around. I know, weird, right?

“Cool Shapes” is that block game I remember playing as a kid with two key enhancements: a variety of different blocks to move around and shapes to recreate from level to level, and the fact that you cannot move one block through the others. As a kid, I could just pick up a block and put it anywhere; not so here. You must not only figure out where you want each piece to go, but the order you must juggle them around in to clear enough space to move each one to the correct vicinity.

It’s a fun game, complete with avatar cheering you on, and worth an 80 Microsoft Point download.

Here’s what the developer (karl90) has to say about the game:

“Cool Shapes is a new puzzle game where you have to fill in the hi-lighted area on the grid. But the Shapes can’t pass through each other. So you may need to navigate around to get the pices where you need them.”


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