Day 874: Shark Attack Deathmatch

Posted: 2013/04/02 in Indie Games

With visuals that are easily the rival of anything else on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel, “Shark Attack Deathmatch” looks good and plays well as a first-person combat game.

Currently on version 1.2, the game has received impressive post-release support including a new map, and a new mode of play. But what about the actual gameplay? You’re shooting spear guns at other competitors. “Shark Attack Deathmatch” support online play, and there seems to be people actually playing it (which is a nice surprise for an indie game). The sharks are an environmental hazard, not the game’s focus. So interpret the title as a deathmatch, in an area suffering a shark attack. But the humans are the real predators here.

“Shark Attack Deathmatch” is worth its 80 Microsoft Points for those things and more. Just know that the controls take more than the demo to get used to, and that the titular deathmatch mode is the real deal (try the others if you must, but you’ll probably come back to deathmatch).

Here’s what the developer (Lighthouse Games Studio) has to say about the game:

“Shark Attack Deathmatch captures the awesome thrill of an underwater multi-player combat like no other game. Experience the beauty of the ocean depths as well as the sheer terror and savagery of Great White sharks as you take on your friends!”

  1. andregurov says:

    I’ve been playing this game for several months, and there is much to recommend it. The focus is “narrow”, but the niche it fills has been void for a long time. I got the game because it has sharks, but the taut – albeit slow-moving! – drama of deathmatch against other humans keeps it engaging. I was disappointed, however, when they installed the first update and included zombie sharks. The additional map was gorgeous and large (as you mention, the visuals are top notch and IMO better than most XBLA games!) but the concept of zombie sharks was absolutely disposable and smacked of marketing, not that there is anything inherently honest about frogmen shooting each other underwater.

    There is also the option to play a survival mode, where it is just the player against nature while you see how many sharks you can kill in a timed period. I’m sure PETA disapproves. : )

    • Hey andregurov, glad you are a fan of the game. We did include Zombie sharks as it was something a lot of fans had asked for, and yes, we figured it would help the game get more sales which is never a bad thing, more players = more chance of finding a network session.
      We did however draw the line there, we didn’t want to sell the game as a yet another Zombie type game and therefore kept Zombies out of the Game Name, Box Art, and Screenshots.

  2. iakjwlfgw says:

    hello worldl, i am new herer

  3. They need to have some hot models wearing a shark repellent wetsuit like this one

    This shark proof suit should be like the prize you win after completing some crazy mission.

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