Day 875: Heavy Recoil

Posted: 2013/04/03 in Indie Games

Reminding me a bit of “Green Beret” (Rush ‘N Attack to its friends) crossed with classic Sega arcade side-scroller E-Swat, “Heavy Recoil” (apparently carrying the semi-official sub-title “Convoy Chaser”) does what I like in retro gaming. And when I say retro, I mean retro (right down to a finite number of lives, with no continues when they’re gone).

Retro here isn’t used as an excuse for unappealing graphics, as these are attractively rendered. And that’s what makes it worth 80 Microsoft Points, because they’ve embraced a point in time and made the most of it. So what’s the game actually about (for those unfamiliar with “E-Swat” and “Green Beret”, that is)? It’s a side-scrolling 2D shooting actioner, with big guns, lots of enemies, and a high level of challenge. And it even has narrative, which is always cool. Two play co-op finishes off the package.

Here’s what the developer (Mikael Tillander) has to say about the game:

“Heavy Recoil – Convoy Chaser, is an action packed, side scrolling arcade shooter. * Retro Gameplay * Retro Low Res * No Continues * Horizontal Only * 2 Player Co Op * Abilities * Secondary Weapons * A Story * And much more!”


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