Day 877: Footboholics

Posted: 2013/04/05 in Indie Games

I’ve reviewed very few so-called “endless runners” in the first nearly 900 reviews, but I’d like to add “Footboholics” to the small list. Why? Because it has a lot of things that these games lack.

For those who don’t know, these games have you running constantly (usually towards the right-hand side of the screen) while you dodge and weave through various threats. Many of these games are really shallow, but “Footboholics” adds different modes of play, a store where you can buy upgrades, analogue movement (ie. you don’t jump from row to row), and a wide variety of art. You even have the option of playing just through one level’s art ceaselessly if you have a preference for it over the others. A great 80 Microsoft Point option that breathes a little life into the genre.

Here’s what the developer (SilentUnion87) has to say about the game:

“Select one of 4 football teams and run through 40 levels of frustration and fun. Good luck!”


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