Day 883: Avatar Karting 2

Posted: 2013/04/11 in Indie Games

I know this game is *slightly* more recent than I normally review, but after enjoying “Avatar Karting” I really wanted to play the sequel, “Avatar Karting 2”. It’s a significant upgrade with new tracks, karts, and improvements to the game engine. System link play is still there, as is online play. For 80 Microsoft Points, you can’t go wrong if you’re into arcade-ish racing games. It comes to us from Juan Alberto Munoz who produces mostly (if not exclusively) racing games, “many of which I’ve previously reviewed”.

Here’s what the developer (Juan Alberto Munoz) has to say about the game:

“The hit racer of 2011 returns in full shape, with new karts, new tracks, and a major overhaul in all areas. Pedal to the metal!”


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