Day 885: Colosseum: Hammerball

Posted: 2013/04/13 in Indie Games

We’re delving deep into the back catalogue today, 3.5 years back in fact. “Colosseum: Hammerball” is a side-story to a launch title for the Xbox Live Indie Games service called Colosseum. Hammerball, however, blends colosseum fighting with team sports, creating a hybrid that reminded me in no small part of the Bitmap Brothers classic “Speedball 2” (which I had on the Amiga, and years later bought on XBLA).

Like with Speedball 2, “Colosseum: Hammerball” has you having to fight your way through opponents to the goal to score with the ball. Whereas Speedball 2 tried to mimic the feel of European handball, here hockey is the inspiration for the sports side (with Roman colosseums the inspiration for the combat side). For a mere 80 Microsoft Points, I highly recommend this to people who played and fondly remember Speedball 2, Wild Cup Football, or any of the other combat/sports hybrids that have come out over the years.

Here’s what the developer (Shortfuse Games) has to say about the game:

“Hammerball is the latest bloodsport from the world of Colosseum. Two teams face off in a fast-paced and deadly mix of hockey and gateball. Equipped with a big war hammer you have to smash your way through your opponents and get the ball in the goal.”


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