Day 887: Moon Cheese

Posted: 2013/04/15 in Indie Games

This is one that bubbled up from the depths of the indie channel for me, from back in 2011. “Moon Cheese” is one of those games that some people may get enough out of the 8 minute trial that they don’t even bother to buy the game, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth a download, and some people are going to enjoy its silly, addictive fun enough to warrant 80 Microsoft Points.

The game has you stomping on enemies, earning bonuses, and trying to boost your way to the moon. It’s silly fun, with great art, and good controls. Lots to like in that.

Here’s what the developer (Whampashimash) has to say about the game:

“Battle your way up to the moon, to get some delicious moon cheese, that not only tastes magnificent it also comes with some bonus effects, and then enjoy as the points just keep coming.”


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