Day 888: Rocket Narwhal

Posted: 2013/04/16 in Indie Games

Please note, this video shows off the game the best, but has some potentially objectionable language, and (in any case) is not me.

Now this is an easy, and hard, recommendation depending on who you are. “Rocket Narwhal” is a guilty pleasure through and through. It’s not the most technically proficient shoot-’em-up you’ve ever played. It’s not the most beautiful (though, it does look decent in its own way). It’s certainly not bullet-hell challenge level. But it is a game where you can shoot an endless number of animals (some real, some imagined) with overpowered weapons (miniguns, nukes, shotguns, rail guns, and so much more) from your flying narwhal. And did I mention that some of the animals shoot back? Oh, and it has a unicorn mode where you just shoot unicorns endlessly, with “KILL UNICORNS FORVER” written in impossibly big text as the backdrop.

The game has several difficulty levels, the hardest of which takes (what feels like) dozens of shots to kill even the weakest of enemies. I actually find the challenge of this level interesting, as you’ll be able to kill very few of the oncoming enemies so quickly choosing a path that involves killing relatively few enemies becomes an intriguing and (at times) difficult challenge. But you’re really buying this to play a narwhal shooting a minigun at a what that shoots lasers out of its eyes, and that’s OK. There’s room in life for 80 Microsoft Point guilty pleasures. :)

Here’s what the developer (Operator) has to say about the game:

“Space is infested with unicorns. When scientists discovered this, they realized that the only way to stop them was by combining the two coolest things on the planet: rockets and narwhals.”


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