Day 890: 60 Seconds to Park

Posted: 2013/04/18 in Indie Games

There’s something to be said about simple and addictive games. (And only in the video game industry do people talk openly about how great it is that something’s addictive.) “60 Seconds to Park” is one such game. You are tasked with finding the lone empty parking spot in a parking lot, and the hook here is that the parking lot gets larger each round but the time you have to find it stays the same. You can zoom in and out to your heart’s content, with the obvious trade-off that you can see more of the playfield zoomed out, but zoom out too much and it’s hard to see the empty spot. Well, unless you have a ridiculously large TV, or something.

Do you race around at mach speed, knowing you may overshoot (and keep in mind that it’s not enough just to find the spot, you must manoeuvre into it), or do you drive around slowly so you can slot yourself into the parking spot more quickly once you find it? 80 Microsoft Points for a simple and fun game that will appeal to people groomed on board games like “Operation” (where you’re the doctor, collecting all your pay) and books like Where’s Waldo.

Here’s what the developer (kooper) has to say about the game:

“Race against time to find the last available parking space in an ever expanding parking lot. Skid around corners and optimise your route to beat the clock and progress to the next round.”

  1. David Loves Sandy says:

    That demo video you included was great…I’m gonna d/l the demo and see what I think. I wasn’t finding the spots as fast as the person doing that video was. The only thing is the starter “HONK” was a bit annoying but I’m sure I can overlook that. In this video it appeared that the faster you went the further out the camera zoomed and vice versa. I know I will find out once I demo it myself but is that the way it works? Because in your review it seemed as if you had control over in or out and speed as separate controls.

    • Wow, yes, I *think* that’s what I was trying to communicate (going faster zooms you out), but honestly having played a tonne of games since then (remember, I don’t review every game I download) I’m going to have to go back and check! The trials and tribulations of reviewing a tonne of games, eh? :) Did you ever download it and try it?

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