Day 891: Brand

Posted: 2013/04/19 in Indie Games

This game suffers from the box art saying “with Avatars”. Yes there is avatar support here, but it’s entirely optional. Those who hate avatar games have nothing to fear, but may nonetheless be sacred away. They shouldn’t, “Brand” is a great looking, great sounding 2D hack-and-slash adventure game with lots of customisation of your weapons and the ability to replay levels to explore areas you missed before, or to boost your character (ala Metroid).

I’m not exactly sure how a game that looks this good slipped so solidly under my radar (it came out about a year and a half ago), but I’m glad to have found it at last. Oh, and as for that avatar support, if you don’t want to play as the provided (and nicely rendered character) you can alternatively play as your avatar. Making that an option is a nice touch. 240 Microsoft Points gets you one of the better looking games in the XBLIG catalogue.

Here’s what the developer (Nine Dots Studio) has to say about the game:

“In this challenging 2D action platformer, the goal is to increase a sword’s power by completing quests for the Smith, the Chemist and the Mage. There are many powers to explore, and some of them combine together to create new hidden abilities. You can only increase your weapon a set amount of times before putting it to the test, so choose your upgrades wisely!”

  1. David Loves Sandy says:

    When this first came out it was ‘broken’ but since then it was been fixed and play much better now. I wanted to like it originally but couldn’t. Then I revisited after I had saw they updated it and now it’s a much better game.

    • Always getting the most recent version of games (game fixes, new content, etc.) is one of the best things about me waiting until games have dropped off the new release list before considering them for review! :)

  2. NVO Games says:

    Wow… How does this game have only 44 ratings on when the youtube video has 16K views.

    BTW: there is a typo in your article. “with lost of customisation” Hmm… actually spell check says that customization is spelled wrong too ;)

    @David Loves Sandy: being broken on release is a death sentence for XBLIGs… that’s really too bad since this game has some serious polish to it. Do you remember what was wrong with it?

    • David Loves Sandy says:

      Unresponsive to controller actions. Difficult in jumping up levels (not sure is that was caused by the loose controls or something else)

      • NVO Games says:

        When you get close to release you can really get blind to the flaws of your game. “Oh I’ll fix it in a patch” sounds like a good idea, but in the end, you should just fix it first. I found this out first hand.

        This is doubly true with XBLIG games since you have to wait a week before you can release a new version AND you have to go though review again. By that time, your game has already been given a bad review and is off the new release list.

    • David Loves Sandy says:

      Oh and there was a lot of hype prior to the release of this game. Sure most of the youtube visits were prior release. I won’t give a game a rating unless I buy it. Don’t know if others feel the same way but just a demo isn’t being fair to the game IMO!

      • NVO Games says:

        That makes sense. I just don’t see how a game with that high of a profile managed to only get 44 reviews when my game ALSO has 44 reviews. I guess half of the purchasers of my game feel that it’s good enough for a review :) Ok, it’s not that bad, but it’s close!

    • Even though I’m Canadian, I tend to spell words “…ise” instead of “…ize” (the former being more common in English speaking countries outside North American, the latter being more common inside North America).

      Canadian English is a mix of British and American English, with our own eccentricities added in. We live with compromises like “Tire Centre” (Where “Tyre Centre” would be common in the UK, and “Tire Center” would be common in the U.S.).

      Thanks for letting me know about the typo. :)

      • NVO Games says:

        English?! Excuse me, but I speak American! Um… United States of American? ;) Yeah, we can be pretty ignorant around here… Sorry about that.

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