Day 892: Math Fighter

Posted: 2013/04/20 in Indie Games

Not to be confused with the similarly named, but quite different, “Sum Fighter”, today’s game is less Super Puzzle Fighter and more…. well, I’m not sure what to compare it to.

“Math Fighter” has you choose one of several characters, then face off against the AI, or against other humans (including via online play), trying to defeat opponents by answering math questions first. One of the things I like about the game is that the questions aren’t all simple “1+1” style questions, there are some that build off real-world questions, and other more fanciful ways of looking at math. Thankfully, there are 13 styles of math challenge, each of customisable for level of difficulty, so it can be as easy as you want, or as hard.

Some may quibble with the 240 Microsoft Point price tag, but I’m never shy about spending $3 (give or take depending on local currency) for something that’s unique, fun, and has a lot of personality. The game’s almost 2 years old, and it’s definitely seems like a pretty deeply hidden gem of the indie games catalogue.

Here’s what the developer (iBlade) has to say about the game:

“Battle your way to the top using various taunts, special attacks and more! Choose from 13 grades of customizable math challenges ranging from basic math to calculus! Challenge players over Xbox live with the advanced auto match making system that will pull you out of a one-player game and match you up with another opponent! Leaderboards, Badges, Unlockables, and much more!”


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