Day 896: Torque Quest

Posted: 2013/04/24 in Indie Games

Some things are popular with most everyone. Some popular with a small niche. Today’s game is in the latter category. Aimed straight at people who like Adult Swim, and similar levels of fairly juvenile humour, “Torque Quest” brings together classic point-and-click text adventure gameplay (with occasional forays into other styles of play), with humour that wouldn’t be amiss in a sequel to the movie “Spaceballs”. And that humour is both this game’s weakness, and its strength. You will likely love it or hate it, but I doubt it will fail to inspire a reaction. Though I have occasionally reviewed a game that I liked that (I expected) few others might share my enthusiasm for, I don’t demand I enjoy every game to deem it good enough for review. This is one of those. This isn’t my game, but I recognise that there’s a market for it and this game reaches out to that market successfully.

Here’s what the developer (varga) has to say about the game:

“From the makers of “Avellone’s Conviction” and “Julito´s Quest”, comes the first Multiversal Interactive Adventure with Succubi, Cthulhu, drunk friends and a mission to accomplish: getting Torque Saeva to survive one of his weekly drinking sprees… hopefully without any collateral damage!!”

  1. David Loves Sandy says:

    This is why I read you daily dose of Indie games reviews. To find something like this I might of missed. Thanks again! :D

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