Day 898: Genix

Posted: 2013/04/26 in Indie Games

It’s hard to define “Genix”. Is it a shooter? A puzzle game? I suppose it’s a mix of the two, and yet sometimes feels like neither.

There is a puzzle element to the game, but you won’t mistake this for CaveIn – Miner Rescue Team (which, if you haven’t played, you should go download RIGHT NOW). I do enjoy games that force me to carefully navigate around corners, and be thoughtful about where I position myself, though, and “Genix” has that element in it. I also like the graphics, which look like a bit like Zaxxon reimagined on the Vectrex after additional 3D rendering hardware had been added. And anything that makes me imagine Zaxxon on a Super Vectrex is worth a download to me.

Here’s what the developer (Xpod Games UK) has to say about the game:

“Genix is an action packed twin-stick shooter and puzzle game with a twist, stripping back vanity in favour of tight addictive game play. Featuring crafted line-art graphics through a 3D perspective, wickedly sharp controls. Battle through 8 unique bosses, and 30 challenging levels with 9 weapons at your disposal.”


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