Day 899: Easy Golf

Posted: 2013/04/27 in Indie Games

Now this one was a surprise. It’s a fantastic golf game that somehow slipped way under my radar, and it’s even from Barkers Crest who did “Avatar Legends”!

“Easy Golf” looks at first glance like a “Hot Shots”-ish kind of game due to the fact that you’re playing golf as a robot as opposed to as a realistic rendition of a human, but it actually plays pretty smartly. Its recommendations of which driver to use seem solid, and the physics seem quite good, but the meat of the game is in its absolutely excellent course editor. The box art even suggests the game has the unofficial subtitle of “Course Architect”. The course editor is one of the very best I’ve seen, $60 retail games included, and that makes this an unmissable 80 Microsoft Point buy for fans of the genre. And did I mention that you can share courses over Xbox Live? The fact that it supports 1-4 players offline, and up to 8 players over either system link or Xbox Live, is icing on the cake. The fact that it’s received good post release support (currently on v1.3) elevates this further into insanely good value territory, and a strong recommendation. Amazing to think that this game is old enough that the trailer still lists this as an Xbox Live Community Games title (late 2008… 4.5 years ago!).

Here’s what the developer (Barkers Crest Studio_01) has to say about the game:

“Hit a hole-in-one with Easy Golf! Features: Create and share courses over Xbox Live, 8 player online matches, unlockable character accessories, player statistics, course records, weather conditions and much more! With a Metacritic score of 70, Easy Golf is one of the best values on the Marketplace. Golfers of all skill levels can have a blast with Easy Golf, so get in on the fun today. v1.3”

  1. David Loves Sandy says:

    Nice find!!!

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