Day 901: On A Roll 3D

Posted: 2013/04/29 in Indie Games

I really enjoyed “On A Roll”. It was a great game that probably got a shorter review than it deserved. Well, timing has decreed that its sequel has met a similar fate. “On A Roll 3D” is so much more than just a straight sequel, it’s an entire reimagining of the platforming/puzzling/actioner in pseudo-3D. It reminds me a bit of the things I liked about Sonic Adventure, except without the 3D camera issues due to it being only pseudo-3D. The game is fast, gorgeous, and very fluid. Easily, easily worth a download, and an 80 Microsoft Point purchase.

Here’s what the developer (Battenberg Software) has to say about the game:

“Our favourite spherical hero is back, only this time in glorious 3D! Can you navigate through 24 huge levels across 6 different themes? Be prepared to take on all the platformer classics: spikes, mines, dynamite, conveyor belts, springs, switches, doors, bumpers, lasers, saws, fire, ice, water, electricity and trapdoors, not to mention a host of enemies and bosses!”

  1. Short but sweet! The original “On A Roll” was our first game and “On A Roll 3D” is our most recent (at the moment) so we like to think it shows how far we’ve come in the last 3 years. Thanks for the review.

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