Day 902: Avatar Farm Online

Posted: 2013/04/30 in Indie Games

I liked “Avatar Farm!” several months ago, but “Avatar Farm Online” brings several much appreciated upgrades.

This comes from Milkstone Studios who don’t do a lot of sequels (consider they released titles as varied as “Sushi Castle”, “Avatar Panic”, “Avatar Ninja!”, “Inflamous”, “Wool”, “Infinity Danger”, “MotorHEAT”, “Firing Range 2”, “Little Racers”, “Raventhorne”, and “Johnny Carnage”), and that when they do make a sequel is often has little (if anything at all) to do with the original game (consider , “Little Racers STREET”). That makes “Avatar Farm Online” a rare direct sequel that expands upon the game engine from the first title. But it does it so well, it’s hard to complain.

With bigger farms, the ability to purchase livestock, more items across the board, the ability to play online with other people managing the same farm together, and gameplay tweaks all over the game based upon the feedback from the 75K users the first game boasted, and even with the ability to import your farm from the first game, if you have even a passing interest in the genre then this is the one to get for 80 Microsoft Points.

Here’s what the developer (Milkstone Studios S.L.) has to say about the game:

“The ultimate farming experience on your Xbox! This major overhaul to Avatar Farm features animals, farm expansion, online play, and improved graphics! Play with your friends and cultivate the best farm ever! This indie game has been developed by Milkstone Studios.”

  1. andregurov says:

    I’ve tended to stay away from just about every game that has the word “avatar” in the title, but this one – mainly because it is Milkstone Studios – may be worth the try. They made some of my favorite games in “Zombie Football Carnage” and “Red Invasion Tower Defense” (interestingly, those are Milkstone titles you haven’t reviewed here!) and just about everything I’ve played from them has been quality. Is this game an example of a time sink, where you play not for any particular end result (or where there isn’t an end to the game) but simply to play? The video seems to indicate so.

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