Day 903: Falling Blocks

Posted: 2013/05/01 in Indie Games

Wait. What? I don’t even… Wow.

Based on the box art I was expecting a clone of the classic 1989 game “Blockout”. What I instead got out of “Falling Blocks” was a first-person platformer where you are climbing to the top of a pile of blocks as they are randomly generated and fall down onto the pile. You have to dodge and weave (all in first-person, remember), using special abilities to destroy key blocks that are going to be particularly problematic. The game offers you a tonne of power-ups and special abilities, including a double jump that innovatively needs to “cool down” before it can be used again, like a weapon in an FPS that has overheated, and an assortment of warps and other powers.

Another unique feature is a warning sound when you’re about to get crushed by a block falling on you from above. Not sure how I missed this since its 2011 release, especially since it’s so different than everything else out there. For 80 Microsoft Points, and absolutely chock full of innovation, this is absolutely worth a download.

Here’s what the developer (Multimac) has to say about the game:

“How long can you last, climbing up the endless tower of falling blocks? Falling blocks is a game where you climb up a randomly generated tower of blocks, either trying to get as as high as possible, or to tag as many blocks before the time limit expires. It’s a fast paced platformer which always has you looking for another route up the tower.”


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