Day 904: Trivia Or Die: Movie Edition

Posted: 2013/05/02 in Indie Games

Did you like “Trivia Or Die”? I did. That made checking out “Trivia Or Die: Movie Edition” something that was solidly on my list, once it dropped off the new release list on the dashboard. So was the fact that it was from Kris Steele, author of favourites such as Hypership Out Of Control, “Nasty”, “Hypership Still Out of Control”, “VolChaos”, and the criminally underrated “Abduction Action!”.

So if you liked the original ToD, then (unless you absolutely hate movies) this sequel is probably a no-brainer for you, as it was for me.

Here’s what the developer (Fun Infused Games) has to say about the game:

“Return to the world of Trivia or Die for an epic battle encompassing all forms of movie related trivia. Can you triumph and save yourself or will you meet an untimely demise? Trivia or Die: Movie Edition features 1- 4 player action, over 300 brand new questions, three levels of computer AI, and a snarky host that will insult you at every opportunity.”


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