Day 905: Storage Warfare

Posted: 2013/05/03 in Indie Games

This title is interesting in that “Storage Warfare” actually attempts to mimic the actual challenge of buying (and profiting from) storage lockers, as opposed to the over-the-top personalities that are sometimes associated with them on TV.

For those who don’t know, when someone stops paying for a storage locker, the lockers are often auctioned off. People bid on them based on a cursory glance, trying to guess which ones are worth what. The whole thing sounds like way too much work for me, but some people get right into it, a rare few managing to make careers off of it. The game works on the simple premise of you taking on the role of one of these people, trying to guess which lockers are worth buying over the course of a series of auctions. And it works well in this regard. This game is a rare XBLIG port of a game that’s already been on iOS (among, I’m told, other platforms), which is nice to see. Only 80 Microsoft Points lets you live out your storage locker dreams, without any of the hygiene concerns of going through other peoples’ (mostly worthless) stuff.

Here’s what the developer (24kt_Studios) has to say about the game:

“Have you ever heard of a Storage Auction? Well Storage Auctions are modern day treasure hunts. In Storage Warfare, you attend storage auctions and your goal is to locate the treasures buried within the storage units, and then turn a profit! Keep a close eye on what is in each unit, so that you have the best chance to turn a profit. Outbid, Outsmart and Defeat your opponents in Storage Warfare!”


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