Day 907: Robotriot

Posted: 2013/05/05 in Indie Games

Like that classic 8-bit shooting platformer that you never played, “Robotriot” brings the puzzles, the chiptunes, and other elements that you look for in something like this.

The premise is amusing: you are paving the way for a repo spaceship. Apparently there are a lot of spaceships out there where the owners are sufficiently behind on their payments that creditors are attempting to repossess their ships. Your job is go invade the ship, disable its many defences, and prepare it for the repo team.

Controls are good, chiptunes are sufficiently bleepy and bloopy, levels give you a good sense of exploration, and the price is right at 80 Microsoft Points. Absolutely worth a download.

Here’s what the developer (Centurion Games) has to say about the game:

“Take on the role of Slug a freelance inter-galatic repossessions agent as you track down, board, and shut down rogue space ships, regardless of protest. Features: – 12 levels of action packed fun, across three unique ships. – Unique environmental hazards ranging from blasting flamethrowers and bubbling plasma, to disintegrating pulse barriers. – Rocking Pixel art. – Chiptunes!”

  1. David Loves Sandy says:

    A hidden platforming gem if I do say so myself!

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