Day 908: Arcadecraft

Posted: 2013/05/06 in Indie Games

From, of all things, the developer of “Orbitron: Revolution” comes “Arcadecraft”, a game about owning and running a video arcade!

It’s a topic that’s near and dear to my heart, as I own and run a bicycle shop. I love running a business, and I enjoyed this 240 Microsoft Point sim. How low can you set prices while still being profitable? How high can you go without turning off your clientele? Which machines are best situated next to each other? If you’ve enjoyed any kind of business sim in the past, and given you probably enjoy video games since you’re reading this site, this is a magic combination that’s worth a download.

Here’s what the developer (firebase) has to say about the game:

“Enter the exciting world of Arcade ownership! Play through the start of the 1980’s arcade revolution by buying and placing video games for your customers to play! Customize your arcade to increase its popularity! Modify machine parameters, manage your finances, capitalize on newly released games, but beware of the events and pitfalls that could bankrupt you!”

  1. David Loves Sandy says:

    This is currently selling at 80MSP…..”Sale” according to their website but has been that price for almost a month now!

    GREAT GAME with updates coming!!!

    • Ah, thanks for the correction on price. I think I had just remembered it being 240 when it launched, wanting to buy it when it launched, but forcing myself to wait a while, and I think I just assumed it was still 240MSP. I buy tens, even hundreds, of thousands of Microsoft Points at a time (whenever I find the cards on sale, which The Real Canadian Superstore typically does once a year), buying thousands of dollars worth each time. In addition to indie games, I also buy all my retail games through Gammes on Demand, rent/buy movies, and buy TV shows on Xbox Live, so it’s the majority of my entertainment budget for the entire year. So, I don’t always look too closely at the price of something when I buy it, because I’m only paying about half that price anyway given the discounted cards. :)

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