Day 912: A Pimp RPG

Posted: 2013/05/10 in Indie Games

I wasn’t sure if this was going to be good, satirical, or offensive. As it turns out, it’s all three at once. “A Pimp RPG” is a satirical take on Japanese RPG tropes, dressed up in urban U.S. culture and with a sex trade workers theme. I think there can be some value in satire sparking discussion, and I hope that’s the developer’s intention here.

Standard disclaimers apply: if you hate Japanese-style RPGs, you won’t get much out of this game unless the satirical element offers you something. This is not an Elder Scrolls game, there’s no rolling up a character here. But if you’re into story-based RPGs, for 80 Microsoft Points it’s worth checking out.

Here’s what the developer (HobbiSoft) has to say about the game:

“Help the city of Oakland by being the cool guy on the street to remove the evil Mayor from office and get Oakland back to normal. This is a fun and funny standard RPG.”


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