Day 913: Pajamorama

Posted: 2013/05/11 in Indie Games

This has got to suck, right? Wrong, apparently. “Pajamorama”, by the creator of “Opposites”, is a surprisingly slick 2D fighting game that actually moves pretty fluidly, has decent balance between the powers of all the characters, has suitably imaginative backdrops, and actually supports local, system link, and online multiplayer for up to four people simultaneously. That’s a lot for an 80 Microsoft Point game, which makes it a pretty compelling option for those who like fighting games (particularly ones that skew more towards Smash Bros. than towards Virtua Fighter). It’s always nice to discover something that based on the box art looks pretty terrible, but is actually surprisingly a bit of a winner.

Here’s what the developer (Dannobot Games) has to say about the game:

“Pajamorama is a fighting game featuring up to 4 player multiplayer either local or over XBox Live, and gameplay so crunchy you could pour milk over it and eat it for breakfast. Dominatrix librarian pillow fighting in outer space! Bath time soap bubble fights with all your girlfriends! A combo engine so minty fresh, you’ll want to brush your teeth with it. It’s PAJAMORAMA, baby!”


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