Day 915: 10 Amazingly Awful Games Vol 2

Posted: 2013/05/13 in Indie Games

The makers of “10 Amazingly Awful Games” and “Block Vengeance Alpha” are back with more allegedly amazingly awful games in “10 Amazingly Awful Games Vol 2”. And, again, they’re not (all) amazingly awful.

This time the games I recommend looking at include:

– Grid Warrior, an implementation of “Space Invaders” that innovates by having enemies both inside and outside the playfield, with different properties to each; you can’t attack the ones outside the playfield, you can only respond to their actions, which was interesting tactically

– Seeker, science fiction dungeon crawl with randomly generated dungeons

– Storm Wheel, a game that reminds me of ’80s vehicle combat games but more frenetic

– Terror Tunnel, “Missile Command” as reimagined by Jeff Minter (the creator of Tempest 2000)

Some of the other games aren’t even bad, but they’re straight clones of games (so don’t meet the WMD test for review). The remainder are genuinely bad. But with 4 good games (plus a few clones that, if you liked the originals, you’ll probably also like here), this collection is definitely worth 80 Microsoft Points in my opinion.

Here’s what the developer (thedeadstu) has to say about the game:

“Oh no! Back despite popular demand for it not to be, here is 10 Amazingly Awful Games Volume 2 : Featuring Zombies, Platforms, Shooters and more. 10 Games for the price of 1. We take no responsibility for any anguish and torment that may come from playing, enjoy!”


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