Day 916: Action Arcade Wrestling

Posted: 2013/05/14 in Indie Games

A sojourn back to a 2010 indie game today. Looking a bit like a long lost Atari Jaguar or 3DO wrestling game, and playing a bit like one too (somewhere between the classic Fire Pro Wrestlings for the SNES, and the golden age of N64 wrestling titles), is “Action Arcade Wrestling”.

I was never a big wrestling fan, I skipped the whole WWF/WWE thing entirely as a kid. My father watched it, though, so I have some familiarity with it. And I know that the SNES through N64 era of wrestling games produced some of the highest-rated wrestling titles of all time. Modern graphics have made them look better, but by most accounts they don’t play better. This 80 Microsoft Point effort harkens back to that era in a lot of the right ways, including the create-a-wrestler modes that began around that time, and is a great walk down through memory lane that just may be better than 90% of the WWE wrestling games released on modern systems.

Here’s what the developer (Action937) has to say about the game:

“A tribute to retro wrestling games of the past. Select from THREE different control schemes! Play multiple match types, edit arenas and create wrestlers… all for just 80 points. A winner is STILL you! Powered by Torque X.”


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