Day 917: Burning Fist of Rage

Posted: 2013/05/15 in Indie Games

Looking a bit like “Dynamite Cop on the Dreamcast, and playing a bit like how Irem’s “Vigilante” might have played had it evolved over time to include a combo system similar to modern day arena fighters, “Burning Fist of Rage” is a good looking and unique take on a side-scrolling beat-’em-up.

The number of on-screen enemies reminds me of the huge fight at the end of the original Shenmue. It’s not perfect (character animation is a little wooden), but the game costs 80 MSP and it’s worth the points, and an effort to offer some replay value has been made with multiple endings, two player co-op, and even the ability to do combo moves in conjunction with your co-op partner. It’s definitely for those who like games like “Dynamite Cop” (and its prequel, “Die Hard Arcade”). Having mentioned “Dynamite Cop”, “Dreamcast”, “Irem”, “Vigilante”, and “Shenmue” in the same article has me about to say (in the immortal words of Jayne Cobb) that “I’ll be in my bunk”.

Here’s what the developer (DarthCheesiest) has to say about the game:

“-Burning Fist of Rage- Experience violence, political corruption and heroism. Where the actions you make, affect the outcome, but mostly you walk right and beat people up! + Play 2 player Co-op and use the buddy move to devastate the enemy. + Multiple endings. + Knock opponents into the air and keep them bouncing. + Save the city from the forces of evil.”


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