Day 919: Jetpack Rapture

Posted: 2013/05/17 in Indie Games

This idea is too crazy to be made up! Well, I guess someone did make it up… but you know what I mean. As for who is doing the “making this up”, it’s Stegersaurus Games

Death Closet, “Lots of Guns”, “Tank Strike”, “Mega Monster Mania”, “This is Hard”, “Baby Maker Extreme 2”, “Blow Me Up”, and (possibly my all-time favourite indie game, go download it now!) “Battle Beat”.

“Jetpack Rapture” is a simple game where you (because of your failure to accept Christ as your saviour, presumably) have failed to make the cut for the rapture. You’re not particularly happy about this, and do what any lost soul would do: stand in the way of those trying to get to heaven by strapping on your backpack and bouncing them out of God’s “tractor beams” (or whatever they are) that are pulling the pious up to heaven.

The gameplay itself is simple fun, that is worth a download but won’t long outlast the 8 minute trial for many people. Those who choose to buy it will fall into two categories: those that enjoy the tongue-firmly-in-cheek banter between God, the pious, and you as you play (in the form of word balloons, naturally), and those that get into it as a score attack game where you keep wanting “just one more turn” to jetpack a little higher and knock around more of the faithful before finally getting taken down by an attack-angel. I think it’s fair to say that the content might be offensive to some here, but any good satire is going to be offensive to someone so that’s not necessarily an (ahem) damning indictment.

Here’s what the developer (Stegersaurus Games) has to say about the game:

“The Rapture happened. You were left behind. You own a jetpack and have a sweet punk rock mohawk. REVENGE!”

  1. David Loves Sandy says:

    I must admit the idea for this game was very well thought out. The tongue in cheek humor on this is wonderful and the game play is tight. However, as you pointed out not much replay value and thus I got my fill for free on the trial. Thanks for pointing this out.

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