Day 923: Kube Ball

Posted: 2013/05/21 in Indie Games

I spoke too soon. I spoke WAY too soon. Just yesterday I said that I couldn’t imagine what else could be added to Pong, that “A Game of Tennis” didn’t offer. Well, now I do. “Kube Ball” adds a tonne of personality, and some innovative features, that it make it a very different game.

For one, I liked how your paddle slowly wears down and gets smaller as you use it. For another, there are a tonne of crazy power-ups. If Pong is akin to “Breakout” (aka bare-bones), then “Kube Ball” is akin to “Arkanoid” (full of power-ups and features, but the same core game). But really, the personality of the game reminded me a bit of playing with Mad Balls as a kid, in a good way. 80 Microsoft Points for something that plays well, looks good, and innovates.

Here’s what the developer (Dream Titan) has to say about the game:

“Action packed ping pong with power balls that deliver intense specials online and off. Fun and kid friendly, with a challenging edge for both the casual and hardcore gamer.”


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