Day 924: Field Archer

Posted: 2013/05/22 in Indie Games

Today’s game is like Pong, except…

Just kidding. Yes, you’ll be happy to know I didn’t do a Pong-related game for a third day in a row. Far from it. “Field Archer” is an impressive attempt at an archery simulation. This is not a run-and-gun experience by any means, a lot of thought has been put into it.

For example, the longer you keep the bow cocked the *worse* your aim gets (fatigue setting in, I would gather?). For another, wind plays a role. With different types of bows to choose from, dozens of different targets, different locales to play through, and scoring based on whether you would have wounded or killed the target, there’s even a fair bit of replay here. Only 80 Microsoft Points.

Here’s what the developer (Richard Mould) has to say about the game:

“This game is based on Field Archery, a pass-time which allows archers to experience bow-hunting without the need to shoot live animals. It involves shooting at a series of targets placed in a woodland setting and scoring for hitting the “wound” or “kill” zones of the target pictures. Features include, 40 targets set in scenic locations, 3 bow types, 1-4 players and high scores.”


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