Day 931: Fatal Seduction

Posted: 2013/05/29 in Indie Games

I reviewed a few titles from Silver Dollar (at least one of which I didn’t even realise was a Silver Dollar release until later). Games like “Blow” (one of the best in the indie games channel, and which even Silver Dollar admits they simply “got lucky” with), “Mirror” (which is pretty fantastic as well), “RAID” (which has its strengths), and “Head Shot Z” (which is stupid good fun).

Then there was the “Game 35” debacle, and I seriously considered never reviewing a Silver Dollar Game again. For those who don’t recall, “Game 35” was immensely frustrating as it could have been fantastic, could have been an actual game, but actually punks the player and offers no actual gameplay.

For that reason I have resisted the temptation to review “Fatal Seduction” for a while, despite it having intrigued me ages ago. Today I have finally succumbed.

Like with “Game 35”, there isn’t as much gameplay as there perhaps out to be, but unlike with “Game 35” there actually *IS* some gameplay, a forced scrolling action game where you play a little girl jumping, slicing, and dicing with a knife. But that’s not the big draw here. The big draw here is the über-creepy story, that has the girl killing her father’s new girlfriends, each in turn, believing they’re demons sent to tempt him after the passing of her angelic mother. It’s a genuinely disturbing and engaging storyline, and that’s the best reason to download this title. And a good reason, if you’re into this sort of thing.

Here’s what the developer (Silver Dollar Games) has to say about the game:

“Late and drunk you stumble in, with my father ready to sin. You touch my dad to seduce, tightening your grip like a noose. But the angel said you would come, to replace my beautiful mom. I’ll be watching you night and day, I hope for your sake you learn to pray. For if you try to kiss my dad, I’ll make you wish you never had.”


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