Day 934: Zombie Football Carnage

Posted: 2013/06/01 in Indie Games

This game had failed to command my interest, but it was “the following comment from andregurov” that made check it out:

“since you’ve mentioned one of my favorite XBLIG games in Zombie Football Carnage (the name is so flowery!), yes, it is a bit repetitive – there isn’t anything to do but survive waves of bizarre creatures – but the gameplay is so very different than most wave shooters. Mainly that you aren’t shooting them, per se, but boinking them with a football that must return like a boomerang. It took me a while to figure out how to play by utilizing pickups and understanding the football chain, but once it hits its groove I find it delightfully amusing and quick. To return to the topic, I’ll have to try Avatar Panic. Everything else I’ve gotten from Milkstone has been dynamite, and your recommendation seems to affirm it.”

And you know what? He’s right. Taking a harder look at “Zombie Football Carnage”, I did find a lot to like that. And given that it’s from Milkstone Studios (who brought us well received titles like “Avatar Farm!”, “Little Racers”, “Sushi Castle”, “Avatar Panic”, “Avatar Ninja!”, “Inflamous”, “Wool”, “Infinity Danger”, “MotorHEAT”, “Firing Range 2”, “Raventhorne”, “Johnny Carnage”, “Little Racers STREET”, and “Avatar Farm Online”, I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised. Easily worth 80 Microsoft Points for people who like score attack-style challenges.

Here’s what the developer (Milkstone Studios S.L.) has to say about the game:

“Violence at its finest! Fight your way through endless waves of baddies decided to rip you apart. Upgrade your gear in the shop and use more than 15 weapons at your disposal to score a bloody touchdown! This indie game has been developed by Milkstone Studios.”


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