Day 935: Vampire Slayer FPS

Posted: 2013/06/02 in Indie Games

One of the things that made classic “Splinter Cell” multiplayer so great was that each side had extremely different abilities. “Gears of War” has tapped into this for some of its multiplayer modes too. As opposed to gun-toting-soldier vs. gun-toting-soldier, it’s nice to see something different. “Vampire Slayer FPS” offers that something different, with vampires vs. vampire slayer gameplay. Interestingly, the game also doesn’t require even numbers per side, a nice touch for handicapping.

The slayers have ranged weapons, and need them as they’re vulnerable in close. The vampires have the advantage in close, but cannot attack at range. The vampires can close quickly on a target, but have to reveal their position to do so, making you choose whether to close slowly and stealthily, or attack quick and fast.

While the vampires are all pretty similar, the slayers have more variety as you can opt for either a crucifix and shotgun-wielding priest, or an uzi and crossbow-toting survivor. It’s an impressive package for 80 Microsoft Points, and supports bots for singleplayer play, and both online and system link play for multiplayer.

Here’s what the developer (Raoghard) has to say about the game:

“Vampire Slayer is a fast and furious multiplayer team game that pits the stealth and speed of Vampires against the weaponry of the Slayers. There are bots for singleplayer too.”


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