Day 936: Plucky’s 3D Adventure

Posted: 2013/06/03 in Indie Games

Back in 2010, well before they made “Bleed”, developer Ianthraxx created a game called “Plucky’s 3D Adventure”. And it’s pretty awesome.

The game does a few things I’ve not seen before (always a good start). For one, you must earn your double jumps by timing the second jump perfectly. For another, you have no way to attack enemies, it’s a pure avoid-’em-up (which I have seen before in 2D, but I don’t think I’ve seen it in 3D).

The game is attractive enough for XBLA, while being priced like an indie game (80 Microsoft Points, in this case). Absolutely worth a download for platformer fans.

Here’s what the developer (Ianthraxx) has to say about the game:

“3D graphics! Arcade platforming! Lovable characters! Woooo!”


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