Day 937: DLC Quest Live Freemium or Die

Posted: 2013/06/04 in Indie Games

“DLC Quest” was great. The developer ran with the joke (the idea that to even so much as “jump” in the included platform game, that you had to buy DLC, ie. downloadable content). It was smart and funny, poking fun at modern day gaming in an enjoyable way. What could its sequel, “DLC Quest Live Freemium or Die”, do that the original hadn’t? Well, a fair bit it seems.

For starters, the sequel is on the same track humour-wise: it’s still poking fun at games that require tonnes of downloadable content and patches for the full experience. It’s not uncommon these days that a game is released so buggy that it has downloadable bug-fix patches on the day of the game’s release. “DLC Quest Live Freemium or Die” explores the idea: what if they made that day one patch an optional, pay-to-download patch? Hilariously, if you avoid buying the day 1 bug fix patch, you are presented with constant loading screens throughout the game (easily fixed for just a small micro-transaction if you get to the point you can’t stand it, though you might be laughing too hard to be frustrated). This is but one example of where the game’s core joke has been thought through just a little bit further in the sequel, to good effect.

As with the first game, no actual DLC charges will apply (Xbox Live Indie Games actually can’t do DLC). The “Freemium” reference in the game’s title is to a new trend in gaming, popularised by Facebook and mobile games, where the core game is free with a basic set of content, but various additional content can be added (and restrictions removed) for additional fees. The game is free, but loaded with optional premium content, hence “freemium”.

If you enjoyed the first game, just go get the sequel. It’s 80 Microsoft Points of Going Loud goodness. (Going Loud also did “Lair of the Evildoer”, for those keeping score.)

Here’s what the developer (Going Loud Studios) has to say about the game:

“A new evil rises and DLC goes too far once again. The epic conclusion to the duology!”


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