Day 942: Avatar Maze Game

Posted: 2013/06/09 in Indie Games

I liked “Maze Game” because… well, I like mazes. Go figure, right?

“Avatar Maze Game” adds to the formula by bringing you 20 brand new mazes, and by letting you walk around as your avatar. Love or hate avatar games, it is charming to see your avatar walking around a maze (as opposed to just, say, rolling a ball around that same maze).

This is a direct sequel “Maze Game”, and as such there are coins to collect to buy upgrades in the store, and stars to find for the completionists. “Wait,” you say. “There’s a store in the game?” Yes, yes there is, where you buy upgrades like being able to zoom out more, upgrades that help you find/grab the collectibles in the game, and more. There’s only so much you can do with a maze game, but “Avatar Maze Game” is doing a commendable job of seeing what it can do.

Here’s what the developer (Willow Games) has to say about the game:

“The sequel nobody has been waiting for is finally here! Guide your avatar through all new mazes while collecting coins and stars along the way.”


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