Day 943: Grid Space Shooter

Posted: 2013/06/10 in Indie Games

There are a lot dual-stick shooters to choose from on XBLIG. Is there room for another? “Grid Space Shooter” makes a compelling case for yes with great visuals (typical for this neon-drenched genre) and thrilling boss fights (which is atypical for this genre).

It’s not the first two-stick shooter to drench the screen in neon, or even to offer boss fights (though the latter is the more rare of the two), but it does more than that. It gives you a wide variety of ships and customisation options, most with unique trade-offs. Want faster firing? Then you’ll shoot slower. Want satellites on your flank that defend you? Then expect slower turning. That kind of thing.

Boss fights are excellent, with you wearing down (and literally taking apart, piece by piece) big bosses, sometimes several at a time. They’re a nice change from simply fighting waves of weak enemies… though sometimes the bosses will bring the in swarms of smaller ships with them as fire support too!

There are other modes of play (such as one focused on collecting), and it’s a great package for 80 Microsoft Points.

Here’s what the developer (Meh Games) has to say about the game:

“It’s a twin stick shooter. Fly with the left thumbstick, shoot with the right. Choose one of 4 scout ships and try to survive against swarms of fighters, enormous capital ships, and space centipedes.”


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