Day 945: Little Acorns Deluxe

Posted: 2013/06/12 in Indie Games

Aside from “World Domination” and “Galactic Reign”, I pretty much ignore mobile gaming. “Little Acorns” is apparently a popular iOS mobile game, and it’s been released in an upgraded fashion for Xbox Live Indie Games as “Little Acorns Deluxe”.

The game is a platformer with an emphasis on collecting. This is no “punisher”, it’s got a difficulty level that would be right at home with those who grew up on typical 8-bit platformers. The developers do mix up the gameplay a bit, with the collec-’em-up levels occasionally being replaced by a race against a level boss, or having to save baby squirrels, but for the most part it’s about the joy of exploring and collecting. Exclusive to the Xbox version is a two-player co-op mode, and of course the controls are tighter simply by virtue of being moved to a gamepad. The game has style and charm, and costs 80 Microsoft Points.

Here’s what the developer (Team Pesky) has to say about the game:

“Help Mr. Nibbles feed his ever-growing family in this funky pixel-perfect platforming adventure.”


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