Day 947: H.i.v.e. (Hive the board game)

Posted: 2013/06/14 in Indie Games

We haven’t reviewed a board game on WMD in way too long. Let’s correct that together, shall we?

The first thing I noticed was that the logo on the box art matches an actual board game. Turns out that’s neither an accident nor copyright infringement, “H.i.v.e. (Hive the board game)” is an officially licenced rendition of the actual board game! There aren’t a lot of Xbox Live Indie Games based on licenced properties, so that alone makes it pretty cool.

And they’ve done a good job of rendering the game in 3D, while adding to it in sensible ways. It supports online multiplayer, as well as system link and local multiplayer. The game itself has you essentially creating the board as you place insects down, then moving the insects around as you try to surround the enemy queen. Each kind of insect has different movement characteristics, and no two games should play out exactly the same. Add in online leaderboards, and it’s a definite download for board game fans.

Here’s an instructional video on how to play it (based on the physical board game):

Here’s what the developer (Sean Colombo) has to say about the game:

“A board game with a difference: there is no board! Pieces are added to the playing area, creating the board. As more are added, it becomes a fight to capture the opposing Queen Bee first! Officially licensed Local / Online / AI / Pass-n-Play Full 3D Global high scores Awards: “Mensa Select” “International Gamers Awards” “Dr. Toy: Product of Excellence” “Spiele Hits” “Juego del ano””


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